Side lifter Side-Loader Self-Loading Container Chassis

Side-lifter Side-Loader Self-Loading Container Chassis

Chassis King Side-lifter Side-Loader Self-Loading Container Chassis are ideal for placing shipping containers with precision anywhere a truck can access, then loading or unloading the container on the ground.

The Chassis King Sidelifter is the most versatile and cost effective piece of equipment for loading containers on the ground.  Container transfers can now take place anywhere that is safe and convenient. This can be at ports, rail yards, container depots or any suitable locations. Sidelifters Side Loaders can transfer containers to other trailers, trucks and trains, or onto the ground, where they can also double-stack containers.   Container loading and unloading can take place on the ground, reducing the risk of injury. Waiting time for other lifting type machinery to become available is eliminated, as is the need for expensive ground preparation. This not only saves money for the transport operator; it also saves time for importers, manufacturers and distributors. Road Transfer a Side Lifter, operators can easily load containers onto companion trailers. This means as well as hauling its own containers, a Sidelifter can load and unload whole convoys of containers without the need to relocate independent heavy lifting equipment. Operators have the ability to transfer fully loaded containers, without the need to wait for other lifting type machinery to arrive or become available. This eliminates the cost associated with leaving trailers on site and increases the opportunities for the number of pick-ups and drop-offs in each cycle. It can also free up staff and equipment for other tasks, thus increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.  Another great advantage to transport operators is the capacity to deliver loaded containers to the importer/customer on the ground for them to unpack in their own time, leaving the transport operator free to attend to the next job.  Sidelifters have become very useful loading tools – wherever this function may be required.

The Sidelifter is ideal for rail transfers because it doesn’t require a lot of expensive infrastructure, just enough space to load or unload from rail cars. Goods or produce can be loaded directly into containers on the ground at the point of production and transported quickly to the railway siding. No need for double handling. Container Loading – Military Cargo The ability to self-load and unload a container eliminates the need for forklifts and other heavy equipment to be available at both ends of the container’s route. Sidelifters are used for loading munitions and moving items of artillery during peacetime exercises. In times of conflict, its versatility really comes to the fore. Working at railheads, weapons dumps, or military hospitals, Sidelifters enable supplies and support material to be moved quickly and safely in modules varying sizes from 20’ to 48’ in length and capacity up to 45 tons.

In fluid battlefield conditions, Sidelifters have been proven as a quick and flexible solution for deploying equipment, munitions and supplies into strategic areas.  Some military usages include containers that have been rigged to carry motorcycles, small assault vehicles and quads, consolidating unwieldy equipment and the manpower needed to transfer them into a single easily stored and conveyed container. The Sidelifter arms can be folded down, or to the side, to lower the overall height for air transport in aircraft – C130 Hercules capacity and above. Emergency Response For peacetime deployments and emergencies, Sidelifters are ideal for quickly moving specialist containerized units where they are needed most. Fire fighting services benefit from containers that are prepacked with equipment needed for certain situations. Humanitarian relief projects have also benefited greatly from Sidelifter technology. Similarly, Sidelifters can be of great assistance in disaster relief situations where infrastructure has been compromised. Sidelifters have been used in a broad range of Industries and markets for the transfer of loads other than shipping containers. For the mining industry these include fuel tanks and portable buildings, and mobile workshops plus containers modified to dump materials from the base.