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Chassis King Part Number: P18002

Need to level your shipping storage container with the ground? Uneven surfaces or loading of container may result in doors getting out alignment, cargo shifting, and rocking.


The Container Booster is your fast and easy solution by lifting the container from one bottom corner and leveling it with the ground in minutes. Just insert the twist lock head into bottom corner castings of the container and turn upward.


A hydraulic bottle jack is then placed under the booster to raise the container off the ground.  When the desired height is reached, place shims under the container and remove booster and jack. Bottle Jack is sold separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
George Harvey
Beautiful product

High quality, very good paint protection, fast delivery, reasonable price, I will definitely do business with them in the future .

Heather Butler

Although have not used this yet, it is very robust with nice welds and coating. An excellent option for people with containers that don't have easy access to heavy equipment for levelling. Most important: Because it's coming from such a reputable dealer there is no questioning it's performance standards. Don't forget to wear eye protection when levelling!!

Larry Young
Good tool

Since I am cheap by nature I wasn't thrilled about this, at first. However I must say that this tool is definitely the way to go if you have to level a container. A harbour freight 20 ton jack and your good to go.

Johnny G
Works Perfect

Leveling our two door high cube container could not have been easier. The front and back doors were nearly impossible to open and close. Attempting to lift the container with a front end loader was not a safe one man option. I am very satisfied with your product.

Scott Timmerman
Built like a tank to lift a tank

The quality looks great. I now have a couple of containers -I may eventually set them on concreate corners, but until I do, having this tool make leveling and adjusting the container safe and really easy.
Thanks Scott.